The Best Lesson I Have Learnt In My Life From Ist Runner Up

Ms. Naheeda Parveen, B.A. LLB, Ist Yr, Ist Runner Up

1. My Grandpa (“Grandparents are special people with wisdom and pride”).

a.) Respect cannot be bought by money; it is earned through good examples and dealings with people.

b.) Respect female because she is a Woman, she is a Mother, she is a Daughter, she is a wife and she is a Sister.

c.) Always be concerned about your Character because it reflects your upbringing and once you lose; it cannot be achieved again either.

d.) Children can understand and follow your instructions with love and politeness rather than being strict and cruel.

2. My Mother (it is said that “Mother’s lap is the first school”)

a.) If you help the poor, you are lending to the Lord and he will pay you back in terms of either money or righteousness descendant.

b.) Don’t worry about bad situation because it comes to test your patience and strength.

c.) sometimes, silence is the best answer to a rude or fool person.

d.) Never compare yourself with others because everyone is unique in this world.

3. My Father:- ( According to William Wordsworth poem “The Child is the Father of the Man”).

a.)Think about tomorrow rather than thinking about yesterday because tomorrow can be changed but yesterday cannot be.

b) Only getting respect is not an achievement but maintaining it is an achievement.

c.) Don’t copy others; make yourself such that people start copying you.

4. My Brother:- (It is said that “Brother is a second father” ).

a.)Think before you say or act because it can make or break your relation.