Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cell) was established on 7th March 2016 with a vision to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia.

The cell undertakes several activities for student development wherein the student gets corporate exposure while studying and develops a spirit of entrepreneurship.

This enables student capability enhancement as well as their alignment with Industry. This way the EDC at one stroke creates a win-win model for students as well as Industry.

Entrepreneurship development cell bridges the gap between ideas to the market product.

Entrepreneurship development cell has taken a greater responsibility to generate the entrepreneurship skills among the students and to help them to channelize their goals to become a versatile entrepreneur.

Moreover, we also give exposure of industrial sector to curious young minds to get perfect idea of market need and requirements.

EDC Supports businesses and innovators as they develop, launch, and commercialize their ideas and motivate the students to bring out their latent spirit of Entrepreneurship.

Besides the above, EDC strives to narrow the gap between industry expectations and student capabilities.


To develop “ignite” as the hub for the best Entrepreneurial and Professional Talent.


1.)To act as an institutional mechanism for providing various services including information to budding student entrepreneurs.

2.)To create Entrepreneurial culture in the Institution.

3.)To prepare the students to face the real world business scenarios. To catalyse and promote employment opportunities.

4.) To extend necessary guidance and exposure to the students To prepare a skilled workforce conduct for taking long/short term assignments of corporate/industry.


1.)Organizing Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.

2.)Organizing Guests Lecture, TV & Radio Talks, Seminars etc.

3.)Arranging visits to industries for prospective entrepreneurs.

4.)Conducting survey for Industries.

5.)Guiding and Assisting students on various aspects such as preparing project reports, obtaining project approvals, loans and facilities from agencies of support systems and information on various technologies.

6.)Extending necessary guidance to the trainees in obtaining approval and execution of their projects.

7.)Conducting skill development training programmes leading to self/wage employment.

8.)Providing testing, calibration, quality assurance, design, tool room, pilot plant and other facilities for Entrepreneurs besides expertise in Intellectual Property rights, Patents search, etc.

9.) Providing Student Work Force to Industries and Institutions.

10.) Providing students the professional and Industry exposure.


The cell would work on three levels:
1. Generating awareness

  1. Industry Visits (IT/Management).
  2. Panel Discussions.

2. Developing competencies

  1. Workshop on Business Communication(EMAIL Writing,CV Making, Applying for a JOB)
  2. Workshop on Presentation Skills (How to Present.).
  3. Idea Generation Workshop.
  4. Business Quiz.
  5. B-Plan Competition.
  6. Case Study Competition.
  7. Workshop on Technological Development.
  8. Taking Outsource Projects.

3. Developing attitudes

  1. Motivation Talk.
  2. Expert Talks.

Events Conducted under EDC

S.no Event Date Name Guest Invited Outcome
1 29 September 2016 Experts Talk on Entrepreneurship Development Mr. Partha Neog ( Director @ Vantage Circle)

Mr. Ranjeet Singh  Rai (Certified Independent Corporate Director)

Mr. Anupam Dixit(Author)

Entrepreneurship Development Cell motivates the students to become  a dedicated entrepreneur . 
2 25th October 2016 Business Carnival Mr. Ranjeet Singh  Rai (Certified Independent Corporate Director)

Mr. Asish Das(Director @ AKS InfoTech.)

This carnival helped our students to take hands on experience of ENTREPRENEURSHIP.
3 10th FEB 2017 IDEA GENERATION WORKSHOP Mr. Vinay Chaddha(An Electronics Hobbyist and an Entrepreneur) This workshop helped our students to be loaded with new Business Ideas.
4 17th  March 2017 Expert’s Talk-II on Entrepreneurship Development & Business Carnival – 1
Award Ceremony
Sharwan Kumar Aggarwal (Director @ Vimal Organics Limited ) Entrepreneurship Development Cell motivates the students to be a dedicated entrepreneur by means of such events.  Awards was given to Business Carnival Winners.
5 8th  April 2017 Business Carnival  Round-II NA This carnival helped our students to take hands on experience of ENTREPRENEURSHIP.
6 3rd July 2017 to 15th July 2017 Training on Web Development (Node JS, Angular JS, Cake PHP) Mr. Akash Nagina Ignite EDC has conducted a Training on Web Development (Node JS, Angular JS, Cake PHP)  for the MCA Students
7 28th  July  2017 Budding Entrepreneurs Workshop Mr. Rahul Goel(English Trainer and having an experience of Entrepreneurship) Awareness Drive/Workshop about the idea of Innovation and Start Up
8 15th  September 2017 Explore Stock Exchange with Dr. NN Pandey Dr. NN Pandey(Financial Enthusiasts) It was a ‘Need of Hour’ workshop conducted by our in-house Faculty Dr. NN Pandey. He told students about how the Stock Exchange works.
9 14 Oct 2017 Business Carnival: Entrepreneurship Fests NA Business Carnival is an Entrepreneurship Fests in which students have put on the Stalls according to their Entrepreneur Skill Set and Interest Area.
10 16th  March  2018 Workshop on Digital Marketing Trainer from CETPA Awareness about the SMO and SEO Process. To motivate students to become an Entrepreneur in this Field.
11 10th   Feb. 2018 Instructional Designing Workshop MOUSUMI SAHA(Senior Subject Matter Expert and Team Lead – elearning Operations @ inurture Education Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It was a ‘Need of Hour’ workshop conducted to let out students understand the concept of content writing and storyboarding.

Upcoming Activities and Tasks @ EDC

S.no Event Date Name Topics Outcome
1 4th August 2018 Business Plan Workshop How to create Business Plan(Dr. Anubha Vashisht) Business Plan Preparation
2 30,31 August & 1st September 2018 EDC Awareness Camp To create awareness among students of Management and Computer Science courses about various facets of entrepreneurship Identification of opportunities for entrepreneurs , Financial aspects  of Business, Creativity and business
3 1-Oct 2018 Expert’s Talk Entrepreneurship Talk Motivation for Entrepreneurship
4 27th October 2018 Business Carnival Fun Activity Students can showcase their Marketing Skills
5 8th October 2018 SDP SDP Introduction to new Technology
6 Ongoing Work Incubation Centre Activities On going Activity Business Plan Preparation , App Development Work
7 7 Jan to 7 Feb 2018 Winter EDC Workshop Web Designing using HTML, CSS and PHP, Web Promotion Preparing for Business Plan Competition, Students can do small School Projects for IP Students
8 15-Mar 2018 Business Plan InterCollege Competition Business Plan Competition Business Plan Preparation
9 8-Feb 2018 Industry, Small Shop Visits A Visit to small ventures like Boutique, Coaching Center, Book Stores etc. To gain knowledge about Entrepreneurs
10 6th April 2018 Alumni’s Talk Alumni’s Talk Motivation for Entrepreneurship
11 According to ULLAS Dates Business Carnival @ ULLAS Fun Activity  Fun

EDC REPORT (2016-2017)

EDC REPORT (2017-2018)


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