Master of Computer Application (MCA)

As technology grows and changes more and more rapidly each year, computer expertise is most sought after, developing solutions to our technological problems.

Master of Computer Application program is designed just for this purpose and is meant for graduates from undergraduate Computer Application courses, to provide a more in-depth knowledge of the topics studied and new technologies which are dominating the market.

INMANTEC has consistently been one of the best MCA colleges in Delhi NCR as it is a business school that thinks beyond a mere university degree. Our MCA program is designed to further students’ understanding of the computing technologies shaping our world today and to prepare students for sustaining a life-long contribution to a technology-related career.

The program provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of important areas in the computing field and serves as an integral platform for students to learn diverse “Open Source Technologies” like Moodle, Word Press, Latex, Ubuntu and Wikipedia.

The technological world has been changed and updated frequently and computer science and application program must always meet these criteria. That is why we maximise the benefit of our location for the students by organising knowledge sharing sessions, conferences, seminars, workshops and training sessions in collaboration with the corporate sector. Not only this, INMANTEC offers an exclusive apprenticeship opportunity to promising students to work on projects under a professor, a factor which sets us apart from other MCA colleges in Delhi.


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