The Best Lesson I Learnt in Life II Runner Up

Mr. Divya Kr., MCA, IInd Yr, II Runner Up

Life is beautiful and unpredictable, so enjoy every second of your life. Always follow your instinct and never quit even how hard is your passion/work and you have to be tough.

Never look for your past, try to overcome the lousy past, and give a better way to enjoy the life that you have. Always make your decision. It’s your life, and you are the only one who can make it better or worse. You can take help or advice, but in the end, it’s your decision because nobody else knows better than you.

Nobody wants to get you to succeed neither your friends nor relatives. They are people who hang out with you all day and be with you when you have money. If you’re not studying and you don’t have money they will act like strangers. So careful of those types of people. If you dare to do something, then definitely you will do it even how hard it is. Take patience in your life because nobody is going to make billionaire in a day. So take the calmness in your life things will come around if you are patience.

The biggest lesson I learned so far that self Discipline and consistency play a significant part in everybody life. Self-discipline is essential for your success because if you are disciplined and consistent, you can achieve anything that you want in your life.