The Best Lesson I Learnt in Life

Mr. Abhishek Kr., B.A.LLB, Ist Yr, Winner

In our day to day life we come across many things and people that can teach us the way of living in a very simple manner. According to me there is a lesson hidden in everything that happens to us.

In the same context I took a lesson from two very simple things that I came across and these things are bottle of water and soda. Yes these two things gave me a life’s lesson.

Life is sometimes so cruel on us, bad things happen and we are tested repeatedly.

Sometimes these all things make so damaging impact on us that we are shaken badly. Observe water in a bottle, even if it is shaken hundred times water inside it remains calm.

We should be calm like the water in a bottle, no matter how many times shaken we should remain calm but on the other hand if we shake a soda bottle, on opening it’s cap it bursts out, like some people who react very fast even on the smallest things.

So what do you wanna be in your life? Calm like water or Reactive like soda.