Program Structure


The PGDM at Inmantec is based on the semester system and is spread over four semesters. Duration of each semester is around 16 to 20 weeks. In the first two semesters the focus is on the development of students’ knowledge about the fundamental and core areas of management like Accountancy, Economics, Management Principles, Organizational Behavior, Statistics and Quantitative Techniques, Research Methods, Marketing, Finance and Information Technology.

The curriculum of add-on certificate in financial services will be conducted over 11 months, divided into three semesters, and consist of 9 papers, it will be covered in first, second and third semester of PGDM Knowledge about these subjects creates a sound foundation for advance learning in the next two semesters. In the third and fourth semester students specialize in the functional area of their interest. A student can specialize in the area of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, and International Business.

At the end of the first two semesters students are required to undergo industry training for duration of 8 to 10 weeks.

During the training period the students work in the different domains or projects to get a first-hand understanding of the application of knowledge and concepts acquired so far. In addition, at the end of the training students are required to prepare a project report. Successful completion of Summer Internship is an essential requirement for the award of the Post-Graduate Diploma.

The Pedagogy at Inmantec is a combination of lectures, assignments, presentations, case discussions and project work, to expose students to the current business environment and practices. Regular guest lecturers from industry practitioners are also organized.