Library (IRC)



INMANTEC IRC (Information Resource Center) has been set up with the objective of fulfilling the information and knowledge requirements of all students, faculty and staff members to keep them ahead in the competition. It is supported with fully air-conditioned and State of the art Infrastructure. IRC Docks over sufficient numbers of text books, reference books, journals, magazines, bulletins and newspapers, which make it as a worthy centre for B-School and supplementary education. The IRC offers a great learning experience. INMANTEC Electronic library is also accessible from any web enabled computer in the premises. IRC is well equipped with a large silent study hall, reprographic facilities and dedicated computers for continuous learning and research work. Its comprehensive resources and expert staff help its students in achieving the best possible benefits.

  • Fully air-conditioned library
  • Single –point source of Information
  • Comfortable and well-illuminated large reading Hall
  • Over 26500 plus books
  • 25 subscribed magazines
  • 102 International & National Journals
  • Online Database in Print form with DELNET
  • 9 subscribed E-Journals
  • Leading National & Business Newspapers
  • CDs & Video Tapes
  • Well furnished separate Multi Media Section
  • State of the Computers for extreme learning and research work
  • Professionally qualified workforce

About the IRC

IRC is a pivotal key of INMANTEC Institutions. It plays an important role in the success of the Organization by keeping a continuous flow of information to its user.


To be identified as centre of intense intellectual repository and dissemination, the IRC at INMANTEC, a aspires to provide a dynamic learning environment for the entire user community.
To achieve this broader vision, the IRC will ensure
Its collections remain forward-looking, diverse in breadth and form, open to browsing, and of world-renowned quality
Regular promotional activities so as to make user community aware of the resources available internally or through collaborative efforts from other Libraries
Use IT resources for faster access of data so as to facilitate the users’ search
Provide such a physical inner and surrounding environment so that users feel more comfortable in using library services
Continuous professional development of library personnel so that they become confident, innovative and dynamic facilitators and communicators to serve the users in most efficient way.


To promote knowledge generation in user’s community and its application through effective dissemination

Objective of the IRC

To support the learning process of the Users INMANTEC through provision of Knowledge/Information.
To meet knowledge/Information needs of the faculty to support their teaching activities..
To meet knowledge/Information needs of the faculty and research staff to support their research activities.
To respond effectively where possible, to the Knowledge/Information needs of the institution’s client system.

Role of IRC

To provide the basic lending services like, issue, return books
To create appropriate environment inside the Library for academic enrichment
To select resources for research
To disseminate the information in all possible ways
To enrich the useful Library resources

IRC Hours

8.00 AM-5.00 PM
Circulation Time
9.30 A.M. to 4.30 P.M.
It will remain close on INMANTEC declared holidays.

IRC Membership

The Privilege to borrow from the IRC resources is extended to the Users. All the users must collect library membership form from the library, get it filled and submit in the IRC. After submission of the IRC membership form, user will get a single Bar Coded Fused Plastic IRC Membership cum Identity Card. On the basis of Bar coded card book will be issued to users.

IRC Rules & Regulations

Instructions for Library Users
  • All the registered members are free to use IRC.
  • Students need to sign in the user register available at the IRC entrance before entering and leaving the IRC. Such a signature will be taken as an acknowledgement that the person agrees to abide by the IRC rules.
  • Students are required to leave their belongings, books, bags and other reading material on the property counter before entering the Library. Please note that students shall be responsible for the security of their cash and other valuables.
  • Facilities provided for depositing personal belongings at the property counter can be enjoyed only for the period if the reader is actually present inside the IRC. Articles deposited must in all cases procured when the depositor leaves the IRC.
  • Students are instructed to keep their Mobile Phones Switched off while entering and using the IRC. On violation of this rule fine Rs.100/- will be charged.
  • Users should maintain silence, Peace in the IRC and should not disturb other readers in the IRC. If any member found indulging in talking after several warnings he/she will be imposed fine of Rs.20/- at every step.
  • Smoking or eating is strictly prohibited in the Library premises.
  • Please keep all Magazines, Journals and Newspapers on their respective places after reading.
  • Readers are not to shelve the books taken out by them for consultation. They should instead, either hand them over to the IRC Attendant on duty or place them on the tables lying there.
  • Identity Card should be produced on demand to the IRC Staff, otherwise IRC Services might not be provided to the Students.
  • For reading and taking the personal books/magazines/Journals and other reading materials inside the IRC, entrance pass must be obtained by the student that is available at the entrance of IRC.
  • Borrowing facilities are provided to the members of the IRC. Books may be borrowed only against issued to individuals. Borrowing will be done only through the counter, after the member produces his/her IRC Card before the person at the counter
  • IRC Cards are not transferable as they are a token of privilege. The IRC Cards are meant for those to whom they have been issued, no other person is entitled to use them in any condition.
  • Books shall be issued only after issuing of the exit gate pass and by presenting IRC tickets at the circulation counter. Please submit the exit gate pass to the gatekeeper before leaving the IRC, without which the gatekeeper will not allow you to take the books away.
  • In case of unavailability of any required book, the book can be reserved in book reservation register available at circulation counter.
  • Librarian may revoke books in demand before the expiry of the loan period and the period of issue too may be shortened in such cases.
  • The member would satisfy himself/herself before leaving the issue counter as to whether the book is in good condition or not. Otherwise he may be held responsible.
  • Users leaving the IRC should permit the IRC Staff to examine their personal belongings, if asked.
  • Users of the IRC should not deface, mark, cut mutilate or damage the reading material in any way. Persons doing so are liable to be fined heavily apart from being asked to pay the cost of book etc. In case a person repeats the offense second time, his/her IRC ticket would be impounded and the membership terminated summarily.
  • Book Hiding: Minimum fine Rs.100/- plus suspension of Library cards for a minimum period of one month.
  • Book Damaging: Minimum fine Rs.150/- and replacement with new book plus suspension of IRC cards for a Minimum period of one month. On re-occurrence of the act, minimum fine will be Rs.1000/-
  • Book Stealing: Minimum fine Rs.1000/- plus actual cost of the book, plus suspension of IRC cards for a Minimum period of one month.
  • Timings of Issue/Return of books: 9.30 A.M. to 4.30 P.M.
  • Faculty members may borrow books up to 1 month, and Non-Book materials for one week only.
  • Students may borrow books up to 10 days.
  • For renewing, it is necessary that the book to be presented at the counter. Renewal is not automatic.
  • If a member loses a book against his/her ticket, the penalty will be as follows:
    Immediately, inform to the Librarian in written before/on, due date. Within 10 days from due date, he/She will have to replace the lost book. In addition he/she will pay a fine of Rs.50/- in failing, he/She must also pay the late fine till the date replacement of book.
  • If the book is not easily available in the market, then the loser would pay double the current cost of the book plus fine of Rs.100/- within 10 days from due date, otherwise till the date of replacement of book, late fine will also be charge.
  • If a book is not returned within the stipulated period the student will be charged penalty of Rs.2/- per day up to 5 days, after that Rs.5/- per day.
  • The loss of reader’s tickets should be reported to the librarian immediately to continue membership.
  • If a member loses his/her borrower’s ticket, he/she shall make a written report to the Librarian. He/She can get the duplicate tickets after 8 days of reporting to the Librarian.
  • He/She can get first duplicate IRC Card on payment of Rs.100/-, Subsequent duplicate IRC Card can be obtained by paying Rs.150/- for second & Rs.200/- for third duplicate IRC Card and so on. The holder of the ticket is responsible for any book issued against that ticket, as per the IRC record.
  • Reserved books and Project Reports, if any with the Prior Permission of the Dean or Director can be issued for overnight only after 4:30 PM. The book will be returned within one hour from the opening of the IRC, otherwise Rs.5/- will be charged as per hour.
  • The Day newspaper will not go out of the IRC. Periodicals will issue for overnight only after 7 days at least from the day of their arrival.
  • Members are advised not to be involved in any arguments with the IRC Staff. If they have any problem, report to the Librarian.
  • IRC staff provides their services only in Library premises.