Program Content (BA-LLB)

1st Semester
Subject CodeSubject Name
BL-1001General English – I
BL-1002Sociology – I
BL-1003Political Science – I (Political Theory)
BL-1004Economics – I
BL-1005Indian History – I (Ancient And Modern Indian History)
2nd Semester
Subject CodeSubject Name
BL-2001General English – II (English Language and Legal Writing)
BL-2002Sociology – II
BL-2003Political Science – II (International Relations
BL-2004Economics – II (Economic Problems and Polities in India)
BL-2005Law of Torts and Consumer Protection
3rd Semester
Subject CodeSubject Name
BL-3001General English – III (Communication Skills)
BL-3003Political Science – III (Public Administration)
BL-3004Contract – I (General Principles of Contract)
BL-3005Indian Legal and Constitutional History
Optional Papers (opt. any one optional paper)
BL-3002हिंदी – 1 भाषा और साहित्य
BL-002(A)Law and Media- I
4th Semester
Subject CodeSubject Name
BL-4001General English-IV
BL-4003Political Science – IV (Indian Government And Polities)
BL-4004Indian History – II (Modern Indian History)
BL-4005Law of Human Rights
Optional Papers (opt. any one optional paper)
BL-4002हिन्दी – 2 विधिक संचार एवम् हिंदी भाषा ज्ञान
BL-002(A)Law and Media- II
5th Semester
Subject CodeSubject Name
BL-5001Law of Crimes (Indian Penal Code)
BL-5002Family Law – I (Hindu Law)
BL-5003Constitutional Law of India – I (Nature of The Constitution and Fundamental Rights)
BL-5004Contract – II (Specific Contract and Law of Partnership)
BL-5005Jurisprudence – I (Legal Theory)
6th Semester
Subject CodeSubject Name
BL-6001Environmental Law
BL-6002Family Law – II (Muslim Law)
BL-6003Constitutional Law of India – II (Structure and Working of The Indian Constitution)
BL-6004Public International Law
BL-6005Jurisprudence – II (Legal Concepts)
7th Semester
Subject CodeSubject Name
BL-7001Labour and Industrial Law
BL-7002Company Law
BL-7003Interpretation of Statutes
BL-7005Professional Ethics, Accountancy of Lawyers and Bar Bench Relation (Theory & Practical Training)
Optional Papers (opt. any one optional paper)
BL-7004Insurance Law and Accident Claims
BL-7004(A)Criminology and Penology
8th Semester
Subject CodeSubject Name
BL-8001Administrative Law
BL-8002Law of Property and Easement
BL-8004Banking Law Including Negotiable Instrument Act
BL-8005Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternate Dispute Resolution (Practical Training)
Optional Papers (opt. any one optional paper)
BL-8003Intellectual Property Law
BL-8003 (A)Law Relating to Women and Child
9th Semester
Subject CodeSubject Name
BL-9001Code of Criminal Procedure
BL-9002Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
BL-9003Law of Evidence
BL-9004Consumer Protection Law and Competition Act
BL-9005Drafting of Pleading and Conveyancing (Theory & Practical Training)
10th Semester
Subject CodeSubject Name
BL-9006Land Laws (U.P. Revenue Code- 2006)
BL-9007Law of Taxation
BL-9008Indian Judicial System
BL-9010Moot Court, Pre-Trial Preparations And Participation In Trial Proceedings (Practical Training)
Optional Papers (opt. any one optional paper)
BL-9008 ALaw of Trust, Equity and Fiduciary Relation
BL-9009Law Relating To Right To Information
BL-9009(A)Information Technology and Cyber Laws

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