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Results of “Drop the code”- The coding marathon

June 18, 2021 @ 10:00 am IST

“Drop the Code” Coding Competition

“If happiness is a goal then coding should be a priority.”
Steve Jobs

Competitive programming is a mind sport for solving coding problems using algorithms and data structure. The Coding Competitions have become more and more popular in recent years. Competitive programming websites like TopCoder,HackerRank, etc. have built great platforms that attract lots of competitive programmers of various ages. Participating in programming competitions can be fun, interesting, but more importantly, rewarding. It provides a significant technical edge during the job interviews.

This thought leads the C.O.D.E Club of INMANTEC to conduct the second inning of its coding contest “Drop the Code” on 18th June 2021.

The coding challenge was open for Intermediate, B.Tech, BCA and MCA students. The coding contest was conducted on Quizzizz and hackerrank’s website. There were 2 round. The students were given 25 MCQ’s in the first round like a quiz. The second round consists of 4 coding problems and the time limit was 2 hours. The code was compiled and tested by hackerrank’s website. 76 participants have registered themselves for this contest from 19 different colleges named as IIT ISM Dhanbad,IMSEC, KEC, KIET, INMANTEC, ABES, RKJIT ,ITS , Amity University, Suderdeep, Jalpaiguri Government Engineering Kolkata, Hi-Tech, IAMR, Bhagwati College, MMH etc.

We have got the participation across the nation like from IIT Dhanbad, Jalpaiguri Government Engineering Kolkata, NIT Durgapur, Luck now University, Amity University, Government Engineering College Jhalawar

We would like to thank our Executive Director Dr. Pankaj A. Gupta sir whose constant motivation helps us to shine. We would like to extend our wishes and thanks to CRD Head Ms. Heena Mehta Aggarwal for her unconditional support. A Big thanks to our Registrar Sir Dr. Deepak Saxena whose innovative ideas lead us towards success. Thanks to our students coordinators (Ritik Asthana, Divyansh Gupta, Chhavi Anand and Deepak Chaudhary) from BCA IInd and Final Year as they were the backbones of these contests. They have created the questionnaire and were helping the students with their queries tirelessly.

All the participants will get an e-certificate by 20th June 2021. Winners will the get cash prizes ASAP.

“Drop the Code” Coding Competition Final Results
Name of the studentFinal Scoring   (R1+R2)WinnerCourseCollege/Institution
Rajnandini Sarraf2961IstB.Tech IIIIMS EC
Rajan Kumar2890IIndB.Tech IIIIT ISM Dhanbad
Saksham Agarwal2782IIIrdB.Tech IIIRaj Kumar Goel institute of technology
Shikhar goyal2562IVthB.Tech IIIRaj Kumar Goel institute of technology
Jai Sharma2331VthBCA IIINMANTEC Institutions.

Day at Pratapgarh FarmsDay at Pratapgarh Farms

Day at Pratapgarh FarmsDay at Pratapgarh Farms

Day at Pratapgarh Farms


June 18, 2021
10:00 am IST