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National Conference on 19th September 2015

September 19, 2015

National Conference on Challenges and Perspectives in Enhancing Quality of Higher Education

Saturday 19th September 2015 Being Organized by (INMANTEC) Integrated School of Education Ghaziabad

About the Conference

The experts, in modern times, must continuously reconstruct their expertise and be able to apply their theoretical knowledge in actual scenario. The development of expertise is a long process, during which theoretical, practical and meta-cognitive elements of expert knowledge are integrated into a coherent whole. It is the role of higher education and research to see logical conclusion of this process. Higher education includes teaching, research, exacting applied work, and social services activities of universities. Within the realm of teaching, it includes both the undergraduate level, and beyond that, graduate (or postgraduate) level.

Moreover, Research comprises of creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications for further betterment. Integrating new knowledge with teaching is important task i.e. the integration of higher education and research. The link between research and teaching needs to be formally created in higher education departments in order to achieve holistic integration. This can lead to a new and fruitful relationship between research and teaching domains.

Theme of the Conference

“Challenges and Perspectives in Enhancing Higher Education”

Sub themes

  • Impact of globalization on quality of higher education
  • Importance of technology in teaching learning process in higher education
  • Role of ICT in higher education
  • Legal awareness and higher education
  • Role of various strategies in higher education
  • Education & smart cities
  • Role of physical activity in Enhancing higher education
  • Cognitive and Conative development in higher education

About Ourselves

Integrated School of Education (ISE)- an offshoot of the INMANTEC (Integrated Academy of Management and Technology). With a pledge to deliver excellence in education- has been set up in the industrial city of Ghaziabad, about 20 kms from the National Capital, New Delhi. The Institute combines the finest and modern traditions in academics and a unique methodology of teaching. The INMANTEC group of institutions has been taking long strides for the pursuit of excellence in education for nearly two decades now. In its unending endeavor for continual improvement, the group has grown from strength to strength in working towards its mission to provide valued learning experience making a difference to the quality of human resource it produces With this objective in mind ISE has been established so that the teachers of tomorrow could be taught to do their job effectively, ingeniously and skillfully.

They should be able to add sparkle to their classrooms as they motivate the students to learn. The Two-year B. Ed. program is approved by NCTE, Govt. of India and affiliated to CCS University, Meerut. This course aims to prepare the teacher that will enlighten the whole society with their enthusiastic attitude and progressive approach to form a better and innovative child centered educational system. ISE has a mission of changing the society and within a short span of time it has been successful in completing its task in many ways.

About CTE

A group of committed teacher educators launched the “Council for Teacher Education” in 1985, with an objective to strengthen teacher education programmes both at pre service and in service level. Since the key to achieve this goal lies in enhancing the competence and commitment of teacher educators, this society is organized with a constructive view to promote the educational activities and pedagogic awareness for teacher educators, pupil teacher etc. The “Pedagogic Society” under the banner of CTE has taken up the pious, legitimate and noble task of guiding the large segment of Teacher Educators in its proper perspective before they join the perspective field.

Who Should Attend

The seminar welcomes Academicians, Researchers, Teacher Educators, Government Officials, NGOs, Students and all those who are interested in the well-being of educational infrastructure and society at large-transcending disciplinary boundaries-to contribute and participate in order to make it fruitful.

Call for Papers

Research papers relevant to seminar themes and sub themes are invited for presentation in the seminar.
The contributors are requested to submit the manuscript of paper and abstract in English or Hindi theory sent in hard and soft copies (A4 size MS-WORD, Times New Roman, Font-12pt. For English & Walkman Chanakya/Kruti Dev-020, Font size-14pt. For Hindi) either through email (preferably) or through post. Abstract in 200-250 words in separate sheet.

<trstyle=”border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc;”>Last Date For Submission of  Full Paper05/09/2015

Last Date For Submission of Abstract28/08/2015

Abstract/Articles received after the due date shall not be included in the souvenir.

Facility of OHP and LCD projectors for the presentation of papers is available. Presenters intending to use LCD projector are requested to bring their papers either in CD or Pen Drive.

Dr Pankaj A Gupta
President & Executive Director
INMANTEC Institutions

Seminar Director
Dr Nidhi Agrawal
Principal [ISE] General Secretary CTE [UP]


Advisory Board

Dr D R VijPresident, CTE
Dr Ajay RanaDirector Amity University, Noida
Dr Neelma BhagabatiProfessor, Head Deptt. of Education Gauhati University
Dr S D SinghNational Treasurer, CTE
Dr Jagdeea SonwaneReader Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar
Dr V P TiwariAssociate Professor, National Law University, Assam
Dr C S ShuklaHOD Vardhman College Bijnor
Dr Lata ChandolaProfessor, Baikunthi Devi Kanya Mahavidyakaya, Agra
Dr Bhawna GargDean Research
Dr Deepak SaxenaAssociate Professor
Dr B B GaurPrincipal, ISL
Mr Mayank MittalCorporate Person


Organizing Committee

  • Ananta Sharma
  • Charanjeet Singh
  • Radhika Chitkara
  • Akansha Uppal
  • kanchan Trehan
  • Pushp Raj
  • Umesh Bhati
  • Sonia Aggarwal


Registration Fees

Teacher Educators (Non-Member of CTE)/ ScholarsRs. 1000/-
Teacher Educators (Member of CTE)Rs. 750/-
Students Research ScholarsRs. 300/-


For Submission of Papers and Details contact

Ananta Sharma, ude.cetnamninull@amrahs.atnana, +91 99 1186 6549
Nasir Khan, ude.cetnamninull@nahk.risan, +91 90 1561 5796

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September 19, 2015