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LAN Gaming Concert at Inmantec

September 14, 2019

Play is older than civilization……………….

It is said that best friends now……..!!!!!!!!!!!.

Are bitter enemies in the past..…..

Come to GAMER’S LOUNGE, play the games on our LAN.

And make your rivals ….. Now your friends to remember in the future.

Need for Speed Most Wanted (CAR RACING GAME)

In Need For Speed: Most Wanted It is a LAN Game. It won the Spike Videogame Awards in 2012 for Best Driving Game and was nominated at the BAFTA Awards in 2013 for Best British Game and Best Online Multiplayer.One can be the Server machine and rest 3 would be the client. Developed by EA Black Box and Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts, this PC game has received many positive reviews and won important awards since its release.This game will give the ‘Real Car’ feel of the Need for Speed series with the aggressive speed of the Burnout games, delivering an all-new racing experience for PC. Autolog 2 keeps the competitive edge alive even when driving alone as scores and recommendations mean there is always something or someone to beat in your quest to become Most Wanted


1.) There would be 3 rounds. There would be 2LAP for around 4 minutes. The game is Circuit (City Premier).
2.) Four Students can participate at a time. 1 would be server and rest 3 would be the clients. So there would be 12 Teams.
3.) The game is created by the Server only.
5.) The winner will be declared by the Server only.

LAN Game Competition was conducted on 16th September 2019. 48 students participated in the competition. There were 12 Teams. 12 Servers have been created. There were 3 rounds.

Round 1 Winners:

1.) Harsh Chaudhary
2.) Rishabh Nagar
3.) Himanshu
4.) Anurag
5.) Rahul Jha
6.) Paras Jain
7.) Tushar
8.) Nirmalaya
9.) Yogesh
10.) Ritik Asthana
11.) Manish
12.) Sonu Tyagi

Round 2 Winners

1.) Rahul Jain
2.) Paras Jain
3.) Ritik Asthana

Final Winners for the game are:

Position for the LAN GameName of the StudentSession
1st WinnerRitik AsthanaBCA IInd Year
IInd WinnerParas JainMCA IIIrd Year
IIIrdRahul JainBCA IIndYear

LAN Gaming Concert at InmantecLAN Gaming Concert at Inmantec

LAN Gaming Concert at InmantecLAN Gaming Concert at Inmantec

LAN Gaming Concert at InmantecLAN Gaming Concert at Inmantec

LAN Gaming Concert at Inmantec


September 14, 2019