Top Reasons to do BBA Course from Inmantec College Ghaziabad

BBA Course

Inmantec Institution, a Leading BBA Course College Where You Can Shape Your Future

Some of the most talented individuals in the nation are being educated at the Inmantec Institution Ghaziabad Campus thanks to the synergy of its students, teachers, and business mentors. The institute’s goal is to produce individuals with potential and character who are also skilled, compassionate, inventive, and generous. Its goal is to provide an educational experience that is second to none, both in terms of content and in terms of the practical application of that content in one’s professional and personal life. One of the ways in which Inmantec Institute, BBA Course Campus distinguishes itself from other institutions of its kind is by its relentless pursuit of excellence across the board. The university has been recognized for its excellence since 1995, and that recognition has come from a wide variety of industries, educational institutions, and nonprofit groups.

You may be wondering: “Why Should I Choose the BBA Course?”

Anyone may enroll in a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program. With a Bachelor of Business Administration, you may enter the exciting field of management.

Business management, human resource management, financial management, marketing, retail, project management, hospitality management, and supply chain management each have their own unique characteristics and problems. A Bachelor of Business Administration prepares students for a range of careers in management by teaching them how to meet deadlines, lead a team, evaluate the content, and more. You may continue your education in business administration after earning your BBA.

Qualities that propel Inmantec Institution to the forefront of the BBA Course


  • Qualification of Faculty Members:

Professors at Inmantec are industry leaders, with extensive experience and cutting-edge knowledge in their specialties. Each instructor in the BBA program has expertise in the field worth more than five years. Where the top BBA College in Ghaziabad really stands out is in this respect.

  • World Class Facilities:

Learning how to effectively handle and analyze data is an essential part of any management education. The classes at Inmantec are very hands-on, and students have access to a wide variety of learning materials, including but not limited to software programs, the Internet, library resources, and publications. The school’s facilities, including classrooms, dormitories, libraries, seminar rooms, playgrounds, and more, have all been updated.

  • Transparent Fee-Structure:

When compared to other Inmantec Institution’s BBA course fees structure is often regarded as the most transparent. It presents the costs clearly and promptly, letting students and parents make quick judgments and plan budgets accordingly.

  • Placement Cell:

Placement options exist, and it is the dream of every student to find satisfying work immediately after finishing school. Over the last ten years, Inmantec Institution has also been successful in luring major corporations to set up their placement corner on the campus. As compared to other universities in Ghaziabad, the average pay here is much higher.

Most Influential Recruiters at Inmantec

A dedicated placement unit is available around the clock at Inmantec Institution. During Inmantec Placement Drive 2020, 130 companies conducted campus visits in an effort to fill 230 available positions. Businesses including Amazon, HUL, Nestle, Mondelez, Dabur, E&Y, KPMG, ITC, L&O real, Café Coffee Day, Marico, LG, Godrej, Barclays, Berger, Federal Bank, Moody’s, Deutsche Bank, and others were among the most active recruiters.

Placement and Management Research Cell

All of the institution’s students may take advantage of the organization’s help in finding internships and jobs because of the organization’s emphasis on industrial training. The school acts as a go-between for students and businesses by providing them with a variety of training programs such as group discussions, pre-placement talks, industry interfaces, seminars, mock interviews, and so on. Paid internships are available to students at Inmantec Institution.

The maximum pay offered was Rs 6.2 LPA in 2021. (BBA).

The average payout for the year 2021 was Rs 3.50 LPA (BBA).

The Criteria for Admission

  • Applicants are required to have a 10+2 diploma from a recognized institution with a minimum grade of 45 percent in order to be considered for this course.
  • A minimum of 45% from any subject area on a 10+2 issued by a recognized board is also acceptable. (+2 with Mathematics is preferable) Annually, admissions are open in the month of April. Regular sessions start in the next month of August. Only those who have passed the relevant boards may apply for this position.
  • A three-year, full-time degree program.

Our Goal

In order to realize our mission of making the University a global leader, we have developed a set of overarching institutional objectives that will help us zero in on the specific actions that will get us there.

The following are the overarching goals by which the university operates:

Overseeing educational courses that may be completed for various credentials (e.g., degrees, diplomas, and certificates).

Managing educational curricula through distance education and correspondence, supported by student support services.

  • Create and maintain partnerships with top universities and research organizations in India and throughout the world to promote education, research, and distance learning.
  • To create collaborative agreements with the country’s best educational institutions in other nations in order to implement joint education projects.
  • Assist the university in achieving its goals through establishing partnerships with relevant businesses, organizations, and government agencies.
  • We are always experimenting with new methods and instructional technology in higher education in an effort to meet or exceed international benchmarks in these areas.