Rays of Hope in Gloomy time

Ray of Hope in this Gloomy Time
Mr. Rohan Vij, BBA IV Semester, INMANTEC Institution

Today the entire world is facing an unprecedented situation. Covid -19 has brought whole Humankind to its knees. It has reminded us once again that in front of nature’s fury, our technological advancement do not stand a chance. Today, we have no option but to be confined in our homes. All the factories and industrial plants, that we thought cannot be slowed down, are standing still, waiting for nature’s fury to calm down. More than half of population of world is under lock down. Today, we are thinking solely about saving our life. It is true that no amount of financial loss can over weigh human life.

It is evident that whole world is passing through a very tough time. But as we know Every coin has two sides. Similarly, this situation also has positive effects. Most importantly, it has provided Mother Nature some time to heal herself.

• Visuals of a cleaner River Ganga have emerged from Kanpur as well as Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh). The clear water is a result of the shutdown of most industries on Ganga’s bank.

• In a rare sighting, fishes can be seen near the steps of Varanasi Ghats. This seems to have happened due to absence of crowd and cleaner water.

• Fresh water Dolphin were spotted near Meerut, implying that water in Ganga is much cleaner and now supporting fresh water acquatic animals. Nature is working to achieve “Namami Gange” goal.

• Not only in India, but in the whole world the pollution has gone down. The emission of nitrogen dioxide from China and Europe has been drastically reduced.

• Wild life returns to the places as Humans stay indoors. Various sightings of endangered animals on the streets of New Mexico, Australia, Britain and other European countries is a reminder that we are the encroachers of land meant for wild life and they are claiming that was meant to be theirs.

• Another unexpected effect on the environment from the corona virus has been seen in Venice, Italy. With tourists numbers culled because of the virus, the waters in Venice’s canals are cleaner than they have been in living memory of the residents.

And finally, some experts are claiming that countries may be able to meet their Paris Climate Accord goals because of the pandemic. As sectors like transportation and production come to a grinding halt, the associated emissions caused by them are also dropping as a consequence.

This could enable those affected countries to meet their 2015 Paris Climate Accord targets involuntarily.

In addition to that, as most of liquor shops throughout India are closed, people are realizing that it is possible to live without these addictions. We are spending more time with our family. Many people are trying different recipes from internet. Others are helping in household work. These small things are helping us to bond with our family and providing us the positivity that we need in today’s time.