Food photography blog writing competition – Indian cuisine Ist Runner Up

South Indian Cuisine – Coconut Burfi
Mr. Ankit, B.A.LLB, III Yr

Coconut, by itself, is a very nutritious food. It has been grown in tropical regions for more than 4,500 years but has increased in popularity for their flavour, culinary uses, and potential health benefits. It contains various disease-fighting antioxidants, promotes blood sugar regulation, and reduces certain risk factors for heart disease. It is grain-free. Thus, its flour is also good for those on the paleo diet, which does not allow grain products like regular wheat flour.

However, I think the best use of coconut is done by my mom. She makes fabulous dishes such as coconut Burfi, Chutney, Brinji rice, etc.

Coconut burfi or thenga burfi is one of my most favourite sweet treats ever. I always had it only homemade with freshly grated coconut, flavoured with freshly pounded green cardamom, and sweetened with sugar. The texture, smell, and taste of fresh coconut burfi are something I can conjure up from my memories at any time. It is such an integral part of my childhood and still remains one of my favourite treats ever.