Ethical Hacking: A Career Choice

Ethical Hacking: A Career Choice
Mr. Satya Mani Srivastava, Student, BCA V semester, INMANTEC Institutions

Hacking refers to unauthorized/authorized practice of accessing someone credentials by bypassing security which means breaching defenses by exploiting weakness. Hacking world consists of three major classifications for hackers:

  • White hat: These people work for organizations, government and security agencies and their job is to find vulnerability so that it can be sort out.
  • Black hat: They work for their own benefits like ransoms or selling data on dark net etc.
  • Grey hat: They may sometime violate laws or typical ethical standards, but not for malicious intent like “Anonymous”.

Why it is in demand now days?
There are several cases which lead people to think about security of the application too. Some of them are:

  • Fire Eye security Breach: Security software used by the firm to secure their clients system gets stolen.
  • Twitter Bitcoin Scam: Some twitter accounts of renowned persons including Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and companies like apple, Uber and cash App get hacked and from that hacked accounts hacker appeal users to send bitcoin to get double in back, these result in loss of $121,000.
  • PlayStation Network Outage: Personal Identifiable information from 77 million accounts had been exposed and made a loss of $171 million. But this hacking shows how vulnerable these platforms are which forced organizations to make a proper defense to such type of issues.
  • Melissa virus: Release in 1999, disrupted many email server and as usual cause a lot of damage.

Being a hacker is full of responsibilities. Ethical hacking is one such field where hackers learn and perform hacking in a professional manner, based on the direction of the client, and later, present a maturity scorecard highlighting their overall risk and vulnerabilities and suggestions to improve. This field has great scope in terms of career. No doubt that money can never be a problem in this field, but many people are attracted to ethical hacking due to many other reasons such as:

  • Perhaps the only job that never gets boring
  • Helps in building awareness towards vulnerabilities of online world
  • Develop strong Online Presence
  • Constant learning of Hidden Technique

You can learn basics of Hacking through various websites such as , , and various you tube channels such as NeuralNine, John Hammond, LiveOverflow ,The Cyber Mentor etc. In addition to that, you can be a certified expert in field of hacking. CEH (Certification in Ethical hacking) is available and acceptable across the globe. It is designed to understand if you as a hacker have the baseline and understanding of the threats, risks, and security issues. Showing this certificate can give you a long way to go in your successful career besides a lot of demand among the big companies also. If you have looked around for the jobs, you must have realized that most of the non-government job requires such type of candidate. If the candidate has got such certification, the person has more chances to get selected.

Learning ethical hacking is anytime beneficial. Make sure you understand the concepts thoroughly and put them in the right purpose. It has a great career scope for which you can earn pretty good. No doubt that you will be loaded with ample responsibility but it is equally true such a solution is worth it.