Computers: The Core of Management

Computers: The Core of Management
Ms. Nimra Ali, Student, BBA II Semester, INMANTEC INSTITUTIONS

Today’s world is a world of technology. There are new Opportunities, competition and growing technologies in all fields. Management is no exception. It is important that management people are ready to adapt these technologies.

Management is required everywhere. The scope of management has increased within past years, so management should be effective and computers help in making the management more advanced and efficient.

There are many ways computers help in the management. Some of them are: –

People management: –
Computers are very helpful for the communication with the employees and managers. It helps in virtual meetings where all can meet over internet and can exchange their thoughts and ideas.

Accounting Recording:
Computers help in recording the financial information of the business in a systematic way and when tax time arrives, we can be prepared by accessing financial record.

Computers are very helpful for management for getting information about the project. It gives all the knowledge and information about the customers, market etc.

There are many software used in the management: –

PowerPoint: –

PowerPoint is one of the best software known for making presentations; making presentations in business and professional firms are very helpful to educate, inform, motivate and persuade internal and external audience.

ProofHub: –

It is a very powerful business software that combines many features; you can streamline your processes, store and share files, share feedback under one roof.

Timely: –

It streamlines all tracking process by recording everything your team work on automatically it hourly rates capacity and overtime.

Scoro: –

It is the all-in-one business management software designed to bring your teams, projects, sales and reports together at a centralized place. Manage your entire business within a single solution.


If you want to make a career in management field, it is imperative that you are ready to learn technology, especially computers. Because

“It’s not just management; it is management techniques and computers that get the job done.”