Management Messages

Message from Chairman

Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality. Education is key to enhancing India’s competitiveness in the global economy.

Young Indians are the future of India, the Education sector is giving holistic growth to an individual.

By giving new opportunities to young Indians through our various courses we are implanting brilliant minds in this developing economy. We are also offering erudite workers to the economy so that we can produce excellent innovation and development, to convert our nation in to developed country

A warm welcome to all my brilliant minds for their future Endeavour and I hope the journey of learning with us will be abundant in one’s life.

K S Gupta
Chairman, INMANTEC
Dr. Pankaj

Message from Executive Director

In the current era staying updated with the latest technology is vital for an individual and business both. And this new technology is creating enormous opportunities for an individual, as India is becoming the land of new opportunities because many diverse organizations are opting for the updated version of technology. Some of the most noteworthy technologies to watch out for in the coming years include 5G technology, data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and more.

As we all know, the rapid change in business trends is creating arduous challenges in the market.

To meet the expectation of new technology we are offering training like ICT (Information & Communication Technology) wherein, the students are learning AI language, Neural Network, Cognitive learning, Data science, Machine learning and algorithm.

With the help of this training students will enhance their technical skills and will acquire easily
The known fact that no one can beat human minds that’s why we are nurturing brilliant minds so that they can bring more such advancement in technology and help our economy to steep in the right direction.

Dr. Pankaj A Gupta
President and Executive Director, INMANTEC

Message from Director Academics

The institute is guided by a strategy that takes into account the changes taking place in the world and the need for different solutions through innovation and intellect. Our student-centric, research- focused program structures ensure that each student enrolled with us is at par with the industry standards and is able to handle challenges like a true professional. INMANTEC aims at creating value-driven leaders, managers and global citizens.

We are offering BBA & MBA courses for management degrees, BCA & MCA courses for an IT industry., D Pharma for the healthcare industry and BA LLB.

These courses are typically designed to provide in-depth knowledge and skills in a specific field of study.

Value-Added Courses: are additional educational programs which we are offering to enhance student’s skills & knowledge beyond their core curriculum.

Dr. Latika Gupta
Director,  Academics

Message from Director Administration

Being the Director of administration, my vision was very clear that I want to channelize the entire system accurately. For that I bend towards some strategic plan and goals of the Institution. This process helped to create the mission, vision and objective of the college to support the process for effective goals.

We developed and implemented some policies which govern the procedure of various aspects of college operations. These include areas such as students’ affairs, finance, human resource management and facilities.

Kshitij Agrawal
Director, Administration

Message from Director CRD

The Corporate Resource Division (CRD) division is dedicated towards proper placement of students & facilitates the dissemination of information about employment / career opportunities. The division also plays host to the visiting recruiters. We have a qualified and professional team with the current industry knowledge & experience from educational institutions .

The division has been able to secure coveted jobs for a large number of students in Multinational Companies. It advises students on career options and provides the latest information on training & employment opportunities. Focus areas are providing guidance, counseling and bringing students and potential employers together to achieve the best possible placement depending on the market conditions.

Ms. Heena Mehta
Director, CRD
Ms. Heena

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