Library (IRC)

The INMANTEC Library is fully computerized with the help of Koha-Library Management Software and uses bar-code technology in its lending (issue-return) operation. A systematic approach has been adopted for the development of the library and information system by introducing new systems and techniques. Committed to excellence, the INMANTEC Library and Information Services deliver user focused innovative information products, services and programs of the highest quality that are integrated with teaching, learning and research activities. In support of its educational mission, the INMANTEC Library and Information Services provide a comfortable open stack environment for study and research. The library has got the necessary infrastructure and facilities including electronic information resources to meet the requirement of both students and faculty members. The collection of the library covers the latest information resources on all areas of management and IT. The Library occupies a unique place in academic and research activities of the institute. It is perhaps the most important central facility provided by the Institute. The library presently operates from a large area on the campus with a provision of 80 seats accommodation in reading hall. Its fast growing collection includes up to date and well-balanced resources in the field of management and information technology. Information Resource Center has three thousand information reference sources in the area of interest available to its users. The IRC maintains publication exchange program of the Institute with regional, international, national, and foreign institutions and organizations.

The total construction area of Library is approximately 471.33 square meter. Seating capacity of Reference Section 80 users at a time. The entire Library is covered by CCTV camera surveillance & well protected with fire equipments. Our Library is doing its best efforts to give quality services to our users by using state-of-the-art facilities.

Salient Features:

  • Fully automated & air-conditioned library.
  • Total area: 471.33 square meter.
  • Seating Capacity: 80+.
  • Automated circulation.
  • Audiovisual Section.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity.
  • Digital Library.
  • Access to thousands of e-books & e-journals.
  • Well protected with fire equipment.
  • CCTV camera surveillance.
  • Quiet environment.
  • Disabled friendly building with ramp facility.

Library Objective:

To procure the necessary information in the form of books and knowledge and make it available to all the beneficiaries including students and staff all the time, keeping in view of the College curriculum, and knowledge enhancement using both traditional and technology-aided methods.

Our Goals:

1. To support the educational and research oriented programs of the institute by providing physical and intellectual access to information by all our students and faculty & staff members.

2. To keep in touch with modern times through digitized information dissemination.

3. To develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for the overall knowledge enhancement for all faculty, staff and research community of the institute.

4. To provide a complete data base, offline and online, of National and International Journals to support research-based activities/studies.
5. To provide a comprehensive collection of Books and Literature based on Motivation, Inspiration, Passion and even Auto/Biographies of great personalities who walked over the Earth.

6. To organize activities related to the world of knowledge like Book exhibitions, Librarian Development Programme, TQL Workshops etc. to develop affinity for books and craving for knowledge.


To be in the forefront in advancing frontiers of Information Technology & Management education. Known for its excellence in teaching and research and Committed to provide the best possible professional library services that develop people as leaders and managers with values, vision and adaptability.


To create a knowledge reservoir with comprehensive collection of all documents including course books, journals and inspirational material in the soft and hard format.

1. Developing Library Network (DELNET)

2. British Council Library (BCL)

3. American Centre Library (ACL)

4. Management Libraries Network (MANLIBNET)

  • All the registered members are free to use Library.
  • Library shall remain open from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • Books are issued and returned back from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
  • Students need to sign in the user register available at the Library entrance before entering and leaving the Library. Such a signature will be taken as an acknowledgement that the person agrees to abide by the Library rules.
  • Students are required to leave their belongings, books, bags and other reading material on the property counter before entering the Library. Please note that students shall be responsible for the security of their cash and other valuables.
  • Facilities provided for depositing personal belongings at the property counter can be availed only for the period if the reader is actually present inside the Library. Articles deposited must in all cases be procured when the depositor leaves the Library.
  • Students are instructed to keep their Mobile Phones Switched off while entering and using the Library. On violation of this rule fine Rs.10/- will be charged.
  • Users should maintain silence and peace in the Library and should not disturb other readers in the Library. If any member is found indulging in talking after several warnings he/she will be imposed fine of Rs.20/- at every step.
  • Smoking or eating is strictly prohibited in the Library premises.
  • Please keep all Magazines, Journals and Newspapers on their respective places after reading.
  • Readers should not keep the books in the shelves taken taken out by them for consultation. They should instead, either hand them over to the Library Attendant on duty or place them on the tables lying there.
  • I-Card cum Library Card should be produced on demand to the Library Staff, otherwise Library Services might not be provided to the Students.
  • For reading and taking the personal books/magazines/Journals and other reading materials inside the Library, entrance pass must be obtained by the student that is available at the entrance of library.
  • Borrowing facilities are provided to the members of the Library. Books may be borrowed only against I-Card cum Library Card issued to individuals. Borrowing will be done only through the counter, after the member produces his/her I-Card cum Library Card before the person at the counter
  • Identity card is not transferable as they are a token of privilege. The I-Card cum library card are meant for those to whom they have been issued; no other person is entitled to use them in any condition.
  • Books shall be issued only after issuing of the exit gate pass and by presenting I-Card cum library card at the circulation counter. Please submit the exit gate pass to the gatekeeper before leaving the Library, without which the gatekeeper will not allow you to take the books away.
  • In case of unavailability of any required book, the book can be reserved in book reservation register available at circulation counter.
  • Librarian may revoke books in demand before the expiry of the loan period and the period of issue too may be shortened in such cases.
  • The member would satisfy himself/herself before leaving the issue counter as to whether the book is in good condition or not. Otherwise he/she may be held responsible.
  • Users leaving the Library should permit the Library Staff to examine their personal belongings, if asked.
  • Users of the Library should not deface, mark, cut mutilate or damage the reading material in any way. Persons doing so are liable to be fined heavily apart from being asked to pay the cost of book etc. In case a person repeats the offense second time, his/her I-Card cum library would be impounded and the membership terminated summarily.
  • Book Hiding: A fine Rs.100/- plus suspension of I-Card cum library cards for a minimum period of one month.
    Book Damaging: A fine Rs.150/- and replacement with new book plus suspension of I-card cum library card for a Minimum period of one month. On re-occurrence of the act, minimum fine will be Rs.1000/-
    Book Stealing: A fine Rs.1000/- plus actual cost of the book, plus suspension of Library cards for a minimum period of one month.

  • Faculty members may borrow books up to One month, and Non-Book materials for one week only.
  • Students may borrow books up to 10 days, against the I-Card cum library card issued to them.
  • For renewing, it is necessary that the book to be presented at the counter. Renewal is not automatic.
  • If a member loses a book against his/her I-Card cum library card, the procedure will be as follows: Immediately, inform the Librarian in written before/on, due date. Within 10 days from due date, He/She will have to replace the lost book. In addition he/she will pay a fine of Rs.50/- in failing, He/She must also pay the late fine till the date replacement of book.
  • If the book is not easily available in the market, then the loser would pay double the current cost of the book plus fine of Rs.100/- within 10 days from due date, otherwise till the date of replacement of book, late fine will also be charged.
  • If a book is not returned within the stipulated period the student will be charged penalty of Rs.2/-per day up to 5 days, after that Rs.5/- per day.
  • The loss of reader’s I-card cum library card should be reported to the Librarian immediately to continue membership.
  • If a member loses his/her I-card cum library card , he/she shall make a written report to the Librarian. He/She can get the duplicate I-card cum library card after 8 days of reporting to the Librarian.
  • He/ She can get first I-card cum library card on payment of Rs.100/-, Subsequent duplicate I-card cum library card can be obtained by paying Rs.150/- for second & Rs.200/- for theirv I-card cum library card and so on. The holder of the I-card cum library card is responsible for any book issued against that ticket, as per the Library record.
  • Reserved books and Project Reports, if any, with the Prior Permission of the Dean or Director can be issued for overnight only after 4:30 PM. The book will be returned within one hour from the opening of the Library, otherwise Rs.5/- will be charged as per hour.
  • The Day newspaper will not go out of the Library. Periodicals will be issued for overnight only after 7 days at least from the day of their arrival.
  • Members are advised not to be involved in any arguments with the Library Staff. If they have any problem, report to the Librarian.
  • Library staff provides their services only in Library premises.
  • Each faculty member is issued 7 textbooks ; of these books, book bank books (pertaining to his/her subject) are issued for an entire semester, other text books are issued for a period of 30 days. Reference books are not issued.
  • Each non teaching staff is issued 2 textbooks. Textbooks are issued for a period of 30 days. Reference books are not issued.
  • Each student UG (BBA, BCA) is issued 3 textbooks for a period of 10 days.
  • Each student PG (PGDM, MBA, and MCA) is issued 4 textbooks for a period of 10 days and a set of book bank books are issued for an entire semester

The Library remains open on all days of the year except on National holidays and Institute announced holidays.The library hours are:

Working Days: Monday to Saturday

8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Library Catalogue (OPAC):

The IRC offers computerized catalogue search services through the online public access catalogue (OPAC). The bibliographic record has the data of more than 27,100 books available in the Library. Sufficient numbers of PCs are placed in the user area for the library users to access the OPAC. In this form we can search the library item by filling the required fields. Such as: Item type, Subject, Title, Author, Member name etc. and click ‘Search’. The searched information will appear on the screen in a tabular form, with full details regarding the items.

Book Bank Facility:

Library has a Book Bank facility, which is very much helpful in fulfilling student’s requirement for the prescribed books on semester basis.

Reference Service:

We have separate reference section with the seating capacity of 80 users at a time. Library staff is also available in the reference section to suggest sources of information and to assist in locating the required material. One copy of each title is kept in reference section for reference purpose.

Digital Library (Audio- Visual Facility/ Multimedia Facility):

The Central Library provides audio-visual and multimedia facility to its users. In reference section, especially meant for accessing Reference Database, CD’s with books, CD’s with magazines, are available for all. A rich collection of CD’s, Audio-Video cassettes, etc. is arranged subject wise which can be found very easily. List of all materials is available on Library website as well as reference section.

E-Resources / Internet Access Facility:

The Library extends its services to provide the WI-FI access for Internet and e- resources (Free or Subscribed).

Print Journals:

INMANTEC IRC has subscribed and on exchange, a good number of journals in the field of Information Technology & Management.

Old Question Papers Bank:

INMANTEC IRC has Question Paper Bank having old question papers (Softcopy) of BBA, BCA, MCA, & MBA courses for the reference. These can also be accessed through our Intranet server.

New Arrivals:

List of books added every month in the library is circulated to all faculty members through email and as far as students are concerned list of new arrivals is displayed on library notice board & website on regular basis.

Current Awareness Service (CAS):

To update our users, library displays a list of Current addition i.e. books, periodicals, newspapers & magazines etc. Library also provides the newspaper clippings service keeping in mind the interest and demand of users.

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI):

Services regularly alert users to new information on their chosen topics. New accessions are displayed in the notice board of the library. Availability is acknowledged through E-mails. Lists of books & table of contents are also provided to the users on request. Library keeps the users aware of e-journals, Databases and other e- resources to promote the use.

Reprographic Services

The Library extends its services to provide the Xerox/ Reprographic to its users.

Property Counter/ Belongings Shelves:

Library has a property counter at the ground lower floor of the library to keep the users their restricted material in the shelves.

Library Events:

Time to time we organize various events such as books exhibition, LDP, TQL Workshop, Koha & D Space Workshop, Lecture etc.

The INMANTEC IRC has a fast growing collection, both in digital and print form using state-of-the-art facilities. The Library has developed an excellent collection of books, journals and non-book material in Information Technology and Management. It maintains separate collections of Text Books, Reference Books, Book Bank, Journals, Video Cassettes, CDs/DVDs, e-journals etc.

Total No. of Volumes_______________________: 27059
Total No. of Titles : 11100
No. of Journals/Magazines__________________: 145
No. of Newspapers__________________________: 10
No. of Videos/CD’s/Cassettes_______________: 1503
Photostat Machine__________________________: 01
Printer _________________________: 01

Scanner____________________________________: 01
Seating Capacity___________________________: 80
Digital Library (Systems)__________________: 04
Library Area_______________________________: 471.33 square meter,
CCTV Camera________________________________: 10

Users Assistance All members of the library team are available for any assistance you may need in using the library resources, facilities and services. You are also welcome to offer your suggestions about the same.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar

M.A., B. Lib. Sc., M. Lib. Sc.,
CIC, MBA, PhD, LLB (Pursuing)
Experience: 23 Years
Publication: 45 Papers Published in
National & International Conferences
Email: ude.cetnamninull@nairarbil
Mob: +91-9899806543

Mr. Amit Kumar Gupta

(Assistant Librarian)
B.Sc.,M. Lib & I. Sc., M.A., PGDCA.
Experience: 10 Years
Publication: 05 Papers in Published
National & International
Email: ude.cetnamninull@atpug.tima
Mob: +91-7428412031, +91-9953208757

Mr. Kalu Ram Parihar

(Assistant Librarian)
B.A., B. Lib & I. Sc.,
M. Lib & I. Sc.
Experience: 2 Years
Email: ude.cetnamninull@rahirap.marulak
Mob: +91-8802881177

Ms. Preeti Singh

(Sr. Library Assistant)
BA, B. Lib & I. Sc.,
M. Lib & I. Sc., M. Phill (pursuing)
Experience : 1 year
Email: ude.cetnamninull@hgnis.iteerp
Mob: +91-9759843553

Mr. Arun Kumar

(Library Assistant)
C. Lib., B.A., B. Lib & I. Sc.
Experience: 10 Years
Email: ude.cetnamninull@ramuk.nura
Mob: +91-9312840721


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