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To click a picture is to capture the moment; to capture the momentum of an aura. Photography is one of powerful medium of communicating your idea to the world based on perception and interpretation of thoughts. As the name suggests itself, Drishyam – It just takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. The idea behind is to give students a platform, where they can showcase their talent of using lights and capturing lives.

Come… Lights! Camera!! Click!!!

The contest is divided in two phases. In the first phase contestants need to submit images on the theme of candid portrait of people online while in the second phase selected contestants need to click images within the institute campus as per the theme given on the spot. To become eligible for award it is important that a contestant participates in both the phases.

ELIGIBILITY – The contest is open to any student from class 10th onwards till post graduation. Contestant should have a valid student identity card to be eligible for participation.

DATE OF CONTEST – The date of On–the-Spot contest (Phase –II) is 8th April 2017. The entries for the first phase of the contest can be submitted till April 6th, 2017 (IST 00:00hrs). Entries submitted post this won’t be valid.

PRIZE – The top 2 entries will be recognized by INMANTEC through cash awards. Selected photos along with the photographer will be promoted at INMANTEC website, facebook official page of INMANTEC, News Letter and other mediums like Annual Desk Calendar etc. The winner will be decided after considering the entries of both the phases.

EVALUATION CRITERIA – The decision of the judges will be final and binding and cannot be challenged. Four basic criteria will be used viz. (1) Relevance to theme (2) Effort in capturing the image (3) Overall aesthetics and (4) Technicalities, in no specific equitable ratio.


Phase I: The broad theme for this contest is Candid PortraitI. Humans are blessed to be born with an ability to express their emotions. Candid photography means capturing those natural expressions and emotions without making of your subject aware of being clicked. Your subject may be your mother, a friend, child or someone utterly unknown to you, but you should essentially capture an unopposed, unprepared moment. To make it simple, just ensure that your subject is not posing for the camera, now whether you get an eye contact or not is up to you or your creativity.

Phase II: Will be given on the spot. The contestant need to capture moments related to theme inside the college campus and within the stipulated time period.

NUMBER OF ENTRIES – For both phases I and phase II contestants can submit a maximum of three entries. The entries in the first phase need to submit through the designated facebook link. In case of more than three submissions / entries by a participant, the first three entries in order of posting will be considered. However contestants have the choice to add new photos and remove the less preferred ones before the contest ends. Two points to note –

Only entries clicked by the contestant themselves are eligible for the contest. Evidence of ownership, place of clicking of the image, EXIF details, RAW file could be asked for in a logically doubtful situation. Any manipulation with the image data would make the entry invalid. For the phase I contestant can submit an image clicked earlier but a fresh, unused image will be anytime preferable.

After Registration, you have to mail your entries at ude.cetnamninull@7102ucpi.

To help us identify your entries please write IPCU17-OL/OS-first_name-entry_number) as your image file name. For example, If your name is Meera and you are submitting 2 entries, your image file names for phase I should read as: IPCU17-OL-Meera-1, IPCU17-OS-Meera-2 and IPCU17-OL-Meera-3. And your image file names for phase II should read as: IPCU17-OS-Meera-1, IPCU17-OS-Meera-2 and IPCU17-OS-Meera-3.

CAMERA – The contestants should come with their own camera and other gear as necessary.

DECLARATION – The candidates need to submit a declaration stating that the images clicked represent the contestant’s original work and the contestant is the rightful owner of the same as of date without any professional help & it will be later copyright of Inmantec Institution.

Faculty Incharge
Prof. Pankaj Dutta


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