Q. What is an online course?

A An online course is similar to classroom courses, except that the delivery of learning and interaction with students and instructors will be through a learning management system, online presentations, or assignments. Instructors lead discussions and are available for feedback and questions.

Q. Why should I do an online course?

An online course serves as a refresher and the added certification helps you get ahead in your career. It is comparable to a real, live educational experience, sometimes better. You should do it if you want expertise but have time limitations; you cannot attend classes due to job commitments; cannot do self-study as that would take more time; and cannot afford to enrol for classroom courses. Online courses are often less expensive and offer you flexibility as you can log in from anywhere and it allows you to learn at your own pace.

Q. Do I need to attend all the online classes for passing the course?

A We suggest you do. Classes help in understanding the concepts which you may take hours to understand if you study yourself. The more classes you attend, the more clarity of concepts you will get. Since online courses are targeted at people who are working or cannot attend regular classes, there are no minimum attendance criteria as such. [The recorded sessions so conducted are, however, available at LMS for review and make-up in future]

Q. Why should I do an online course from INMANTEC?

A INMANTEC has been consistently delivering quality education for the past twenty years. Our courses are endorsed by the industry and we have some of the best subject matter experts associated with us. We strongly believe that education is each person’s right and we endeavour to bring it to all levels of learners through the online mode. Our courses are benchmarked with the industry and are available at a very competitive fee.

Q. What type of courses does INMANTEC offer?

INMANTEC at present offers four certification courses:

  1. Finance for Non Finance Managers
  2. Decision Making Through MS-Excel
  3. Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management
  4. Linux For Beginners

Each course is spread over 30 hours and is of three month duration. The courses are delivered by experts with a collective experience of over four decades.

Q. What are the contact hours?

A All the sessions are scheduled on Saturdays as per the batch timings, which are notified after enrolment. There are query handling sessions on Sundays where any student can interact with the experts and clear their doubts. The timings of the query sessions are intimated to the learners well in advance.

Q. Do I need textbooks also?

A There are no text books required for these courses. The course delivery is through comprehensive online lectures and presentations which have been thoroughly researched and vetted. In case you are not able to attend a class, you can access that session from our digital library.

Q. How do I get evaluated?

A Evaluation of learning is based on assignments and Multiple Choice Questions that help in assessing your progress.

Q. Is there a time limit to the submission of assignments or can they be submitted according to my convenience?

A The assignment for your online course will be given at the end of six weeks and has to be submitted before the completion of the third month. This gives the learner ample time to complete the assignment as per their convenience.

Q. Are there any prerequisites for taking an online course at INMANTEC?

A You need to be a graduate [?] to enrol for our online courses. Since the mode of delivery will be online, you need to have access to a computer with headphones and internet connection each time you have to attend a session.

Q. Do I need any special computer skills for attending online classes?

A No. You need a basic knowledge of internet and MS Office so that you can access the classes without trouble.