PGDM in INDIA: Everything You need to know about PGDM.

Q.1 When is an PGDM valuable?

Ans. PGDM is for those of you who want to work in a management position. The degree teaches you all about Business and how to effectively administer people, resources to make logical and smart decisions. It is ideal for anyone with few years of experience and willing to grow up the ladder in their company. It is for aspiring managers…If you want to grow to higher level in a company and one day dream of becoming a CEO or opening your own business, then PGDM is for you!  You can do specific courses of Entrepreneurship to become an entrepreneur of a Business. There are people who do PhD too, but most of the people with PGDM become managers and based on their emphasis and experience, they can be end up in titles like Director of Marketing, Global Sales Manager, Project Manager, etc.

Q.2 Does getting a PGDM make someone a better entrepreneur?

Ans. That’s where INMANTEC one of the leading Business Schools at Delhi-NCR Region would like to add value to the course by bringing mix of Young talented entrepreneurs and the ones who have tasted major success in the business already together for regular interaction with the students.

At INMANTEC our focus is not completely about idea generation! But to ensure students understands importance of effective implementation, branding, the importance of cutting overheads and conserving cash in a difficult economy, and about the importance of having a team of co-founders. We want our upcoming managers to understand the importance of trust and also that decisions based on diverse points of view always give the best results.

Q.3 How math intensive is an PGDM?

Ans. There is no problem in doing PGDM if one has not studied maths at the Intermediate level. For completing successfully PGDM program one needs to have graduation from any stream. PGDM program do ensures & tests that students understand basic mathematics done till class 10th and lots of statistics and quantitative & qualitative analysis techniques are imparted which of course requires one student to be good with numbers.

The PGDM program offered at INMANTEC one of the leading Business Schools at Delhi – NCR belives in ensuring that PGDM curriculum is delivered in a way the students understands more about business activities rather than Maths or any other subjects.

Also it needs to be understood students doing their specializations in Finance or Operations needs to understand that they cannot hide entirely from Mathematics as topics like Probability, Time Value,Compounding & Discounting, Intrapolation & Extrapolation , Transportaion, Simplex are some of the topics which requires candidates to have decent Mathematics capabilities. Subjects like Operations Management, supply Chain, Quantitaive analysis, Financial Management are some among many which requires student to learn and apply number crunching skills.

At INMANTEC one of the few business schools among Delhi-NCR always focuses on creating solutions and not problems. The beauty of the PGDM program lies in the diversity of the candidate studying together which gives them the opportunity to learn diverse skills among themselves only. In the end Maths is important but not mandatory as student as diverse as from Background of BA,Commerce witout maths, Science enroll themselves in the program every year and successfully make their careers.

Q.4 Who need an PGDM?

Ans. PGDM is the most sought after programme of INMANTEC one of the Top leading B-School od Delhi – NCR region for Management Education. It is being offered since 1995 and is widely acclaimed for its strong curriculum in the industry and academic circles.

INMANTEC leverages its close linkages with the industry to assess emerging needs and factor them on to its programmes.

The objectives of the PGDM program at INMANTEC are:

  • To prepare Graduates for Management Career through unique blend of quality and flexibility offered at INMANTEC.
  • To facilitate working professionals rise in their organisations.
  • To facilitate change of career to managerial.

The program is suitable for the following:

  • Graduates any stream with work experience.
  • Professionals such as Engineers/CA/CFA/ICWA.
  • Fresh Graduates.Q.

Q.5 What are the top executive PGDM Programs?

Ans. Some of the top Institutes providing Executive PGDM are ISB, IIM Ahemadabad. A detail list of colleges with firther details can be found on the link mentioned below:

The Executive PGDM Program is designed for working professionals with a minimum of 5 years career experience generally. You do not have to be at an executive level to be a student in the Executive PGDM Program. An executive PGDM program is a lot like a regular PGDM program. The main difference is that an executive PGDM program is primarily designed to educate working executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders.

Although executive PGDM programs can vary from school to school, there are some things that remain the same. To start with, executive PGDM programs are typically designed for working professionals. They tend to be flexible and allow students to attend class in the evenings and on weekends. The average program also allows working individuals to earn their executive PGDM degree in two years or less. Executive PGDM students are usually in the mid-stage of their career. They may be earning an executive PGDM to increase their career options or simply to update their knowledge and brush up on skills they have already acquired. Executive PGDM students are almost never at the beginning stages of their career. Students at the beginning level tend to be better suited to traditional PGDM programs that cater to student of all ages and experience levels.

The cost of an executive PGDM program can vary depending on the school you attend. In many cases, the tuition for an executive PGDM program is slightly higher than the tuition of a traditional pgdm program.

Choosing an executive PGDM program is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. You will want to find a program that is accredited and offers good academic opportunities. Finding an executive PGDM program that is relatively close by may also be necessary if you plan to continue to work while earning your degree. There are some schools that offer online opportunities.

Q.6 Should I do PGDM after Science or B.Tech?

Ans. A PGDM program can be pursued by any graduate from different disciplines. The reasons for joining an management program varies from person to person. In countries like India, with the hype of all IIMs, ISB and other premier MBA institutions the shift in pursuing higher education has been slightly changed towards PGDM in recent times. With all the lavish salaries PGDM students get right after their graduation, many are tempted to jump the bandwagon.

PGDM/PGDBA as it says, it is “Post Graduate Diploma in Management”, “Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration” clearly we can see it is an Administration or Management degree by name. It is no way technical in nature. You are not trying to explore the depth of a particular subject; you are trying to learn various aspects of a business and learn management skills to administer company’s or organization’s resources and people effectively. Typically, two thirds of the classes will be fundamental courses of Business and administration like  Accounting,  Corporate Finance , Organization behavior, IT for Managers, Marketing Strategy, Economics, Operations strategy, Leadership and Negotiation, etc. Rest of the One thirds of the classes with be electives and you have the choice. But, when someone says, I have MS in Marketing, it means they had around 80 – 100% of their classes in Marketing ONLY. You see the difference?  Based on university it changes, but generally you can do your own set of classes that you like for the 1/3rd of classes in PGDM with variety of mix, then you will not have a degree in specialization.

Hope this information will help you decide why do an PGDM program because everybody can do it.

Q.7 What are the criteria for PGDM admission?

Ans. As per the review of Delhi & NCR PGDM is a 2-year full-time course Approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, and Govt. of India. An applicant should be Graduates in any discipline with at least 50% marks regardless of field of study, is eligible to apply for admission to the PGDM programmes.

The selection Procedure Includes

  • Valid Score Card (CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT/ATMA)
  • At least 50% marks in Graduation
  • Good writing and reading communication skills
  • An Internal on Campus Admission Test (Aptitude Test along with English Assessment)
  • Finally selection is declared after Group Discussion & Personal Interview.

pgsm job interview

Q.8 PGDM career (How you much salary you can expect)

Ans. The salary package depends upon many things. It’s not only depends on the doing or completing the diploma, but it includes a number of factors like: Skills: – In Today’s Era all industry demands a lot of interaction with people, Client handling capacity and good communication skills plays a vital role in getting handsome salary. Knowledge: – If you have knowledge and grip over your subject then you can see yourself at a higher place easily. Students Academic Records, Their Hard work and gained knowledge during Summer Training Project and Internship also play a role in getting a good salary.

As a fresher one can expect a starting salary of 12000-20000 and upper salary is anywhere between 4-5 lacs.

Q.9 Why Inmantec is best PGDM colleges in India?

Ans. We in Inmantec not only give emphasis on delivering the content knowledge, but also give more and more practical exposure to the students so that they can learn how to implement their conceptual knowledge in practical world.

We conduct different workshops; take students to industrial visits to provide them the exposure to the corporate world. Teach them through case studies, video lectures, Group Discussions and Presentations.

Inspite of just teaching them educational learning, at Inmantec we all try to develop social skills in their personality of students by involving them in different social and cultural activities like plantation, blood donation camp, Cultural events so that they would be able to enhance and recognize their hidden skills which would be helpful for them in corporate world.

INMANTEC organizes International Study Tour for students as they are expected to develop as global citizens through participation not only in curricular activities but also a mix of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including socially oriented pursuits.

Q.10 Best PGDM Books?

Ans. There are so many good books for different subjects. Very few of them are as follows which can be easily available and understandable:




Marketing Management: Dr.Phillip Kotler

Business Statistics: Dr.S.P Gupta

Research Methodology: Dr.C.R. Kothari

Human Resource Management: V.S.P Rao

Team Building and Leadership: Prof.Haldar

Negotiation and Counselling: Dr.Bedi

Financial Management:

Business Communication: Prof.Rizvi

Q.11 How much does a PGDM cost?

Ans. Every B-school has its own fee structure. Overall, it may cost you around Rs 20,000 to Rs 10 lakhs or more to pursue full-time PGDM program Different institute offers PGDM diploma at different fees depends on the facilities,infrastructure and the amenties they are providing. The Fee Structure at Inmantec for PGDM is as below: