Student Affairs Department

Member:- Prof. Deepa Agnihotri, Asst. Dean Student Affairs

Main Duties: To act as a channel of communication between the students and the management to provide opportunity for the expression of student opinion within the INMANTEC institute. Proper channel will be used in getting resolved the issues of the students concerned. Bringing the same into the notice of the above officials should not be considered as sufficient. Students are advised to wait for the action by the appropriate channels.

For any Grievances students are free to contact at: (With Prior Appointment Only)

Venue: Board Room

Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Timing: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Implementation and Execution:

  • Notices to be put on all notice boards.
  • Counselling Presentation In classes.
  • With every possible effort the issues should be resolved within 7 working days at the most.

The students can reach us on: ude.cetnamninull@sriaffatneduts
Prof. Rishi Taparia
Dean – Student Affairs Department