OdOO partnership with INMANTEC

We feel proud to announce that INMANTEC Institutions has partnered with Odoo for teaching ERP to our students. INMANTEC, which is one of the Best B Schools in India, has incorporated Odoo ERP Functional and Technical modules in their PGDM Syllabus(IT Specialization).

The benefits of experiential learning by using available ERP software in classroom has great advantage however, the costs associated with integrating and maintaining such systems in the classroom can be a barrier for academic institutions. Therefore, Open Source systems like Odoo and Openbravo can become good helping hand for academic institutions. One of the studies by Jennifer & Joerg[1] and Ramakrishna[2] talks about how experiential learning using Odoo helped students gain more insights than those students who were merely taught ERP as a subject.

Our students will be receiving the official training material from Odoo[3]. Odoo has already provided us with their Official training material. Odoo which is being used by almost 2 billion users.

Some of the companies which have been using Odoo in their process are
Companies  using odoo

We are in process of aligning our existing syllabus with Odoo Modules.
We have already got the approval from Odoo.