Program Content

Subjects List For Regular
MCA 1st semester
Subject Code Subject Name
RCA-101 Computer Concepts & Principals of Programming
RCA-102 Accounting & Financial Management
RCA-103 Discrete Mathematics
RCA-104 Computer Organization & Architecture
RCA-105 Professional Communication
RCA-151 Professional Communication Lab
RCA-152 Programming Lab
MCA-2nd semester
Subject Code Subject Name
RCA-201 Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques
RCA-202 Data Structures
RCA-203 Introduction to Automata Theory & Languages
RCA-204 Innovation & Entrepreneurship
RHU-001 Human Values & Professional Ethics
RCA-251 Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques Lab
RCA-252 Data Structures Lab
MCA-3rd semester
Subject Code Subject Name
RCA-301 Operating Systems
RCA-302 Web Technology
RCA-303 Design & Analysis of Algorithm
RCA-304 Computer Based Optimization Technique
RCA-305 Cyber Security
RCA-A01 Introduction of Programming & Computer Organization
RCA-351 Operating Systems Lab
RCA-352 Design & Analysis of Algorithm Lab
MCA-4th semester
Subject Code Subject Name
RCA-401 Data Base Management System
RCA-402 Computer Networks
RCA-403 Artificial Intelligence
RCA-404 Compiler Design
RCA-E12 to E15 Elective-I
RCA-A02 Fundamental of data Structure, Numerical & Computational Theory
RCA-451 Mini Project
RCA-452 Data Base Management System
MCA-5th Semester
Subject Code Subject Name
RCA-501 Computer Graphics & Animation
RCA-502 Software Engineering
RCA-Elective II Elective – II
RCA-Elective III Elective – III
RCA-Elective IV Elective – IV
RCA-551 Computer Graphics & Animation Lab
RCA-552 Project Based on Software Engineering
MCA-6th Semester
Subject Code Subject Name
RCA-661 Colloquium
RCA-662 Industrial Project

List of Electives for MCA

RCA-E11 Design & Development of Applications
RCA-E12 Client-Server Computing
RCA-E13 Data Warehousing & Data Mining
RCA-E14 Advanced Computer Architecture
RCAE 15 Mobile Computing
RCA-E21 Cryptography and Network Security (Available on NPTEL)
RCA-E22 Natural language Processing (Available on NPTEL)
RCA-E23 Human Computer Interaction (Available on NPTEL)
RCA-E24 Software Testing (Available on NPTEL)
RCA-E25 Modern Application Development (Available on NPTEL)
RCA-E31 Cloud Computing
RCA-E32 Soft Computing
RCA-E33 Information Storage Management
RCA-E34 Digital Image Processing
RCA-E35 Distributed Systems
RCA-E41 Distributed Database Systems
RCA-E42 Simulation and Modeling
RCA-E43 Real Time Systems
RCA-E44 Pattern Recognition
RCA-E45 Big Data