National Workshop on Library Automation through OSS

Information Resource Centre (IRC) is organizing a three days workshop on “Library Automation through Open Source Software” on 28th February to 2nd March 2014.

Topics to be covered

1. Open Source Software (OSS)

2. Application of Open Source Software in the Libraries

3. Library Automation an Overview

4. E-Granthalaya Open Source Software: Introduction

5. Installation, Customization and Management of E-Granthalaya

6. Koha Installation, Customization and Management

7. Modules of Koha

8. Backup in KOHA

9. UBUNTU Open Source Software: an overview

10. UBUNTU Installation and Management.

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For Image of Ubuntu + Koha Live CD click here.

If you want to install Ubuntu on Windows please follow the link.

Script to copy the backup to Dropbox

_now=$(date +"%m_%d_%Y")
# Change custom with the username that you created while installing ubuntu on your system
echo "Starting backup to $_file..."
mysqldump -u root -p'123' koha > "$_file"

If you want to automate the script please follow the following steps:-

  1. Press Alt+Ctrl+t and paste the commands one by one(Do not copy $ sign).
    $ touch script
  2. $ nano script and paste the above code.
  3. $ chmod +x script
  4. Install dropbox by downloading it from the link
  5. Install it.
  6. Create your account in dropbox.
  7. Now in terminal type the following command to automate the script, then this script will run everyday at 14:00 hrs and upload the backup to cloud.

$ crontab -e

Add the following line in the crontab

0 14 * * * sh  /home/custom/Dropbox/script


This will help you in automating the script. If you are looking for my Email ID please visit this page.