The Faculty at INMANTEC focuses on students development rather than just giving a normal lecture. The approach to pedagogy combines case studies, projects and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory. The intent is to develop the students both in theoretical and practical front.

Our faculty undergo regular training and also attend FDP (faculty development program) to keep abreast with the latest trends in teaching techniques, pedagogy and their respective subject domains. The Chief Mentors at INMANTEC also conduct training and workshops for the faculties on regular basis.

Dr. Pankaj A Gupta

President & Executive Director
Ph.D., MBA, B.E.
Areas of Interest : Training & Development, Change Management, Organization Development

Dr. Deepak Saxena

Associate Professor & Registrar
Ph.D, MSC(CS), B.Com, ADSM
Areas of Interest : MIS, Database, Worksheets, ERP,CRM,E-Commerce

Mr. Gaurav Parashar

Associate Professor
Areas of Interest : Big Data, Data Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Image Processing.

Dr. Aakanksha Uppal

Asst. Professor
Ph.D, M.Com, MBE, B.Com
Areas of Interest : Economics and Human Resourse

Dr. Avneesh Kumar

Asst. Professor
MCA, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest : Design Analysis of Algorithm, Internet Java Programming, Compiler Designing & Automata Theory.

Mr. Sudhir Srivastava

Asst. Professor
Areas of Interest : Paradigm Of Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Human Values And Professional Ethics

Mr. Vivek Saxena

Asst. Professor – IT & Controller Of Examination
M-Tech(It), B-Tech(Ces)
Areas of Interest : Dbms, Computer Graphics, Software Testing, Operating System.

Mr. Mohit Dhawan

Asst. Professor
Area of Interest : Finance and Accounting

Ms. Varuna Garg

Asst. Professor
MCA, M.Phil
Area of Interest : Software Engineering, Operating System, Oops & C++, System Analysis And Design, Computer Fundamentals.

Ms. Sarika Malhotra

Asst. Professor (Mentor For MBA Ist Year)
M.A (Psychology), PGDGC (Post Graduate Diploma In Guidance And Counselling, Ncert), PGDHRM(Post Graduate Diploma In Human Resources Management)
Areas of Interest : Organisation Behaviour, Psychology & Human Resources Management.

Ms. Swati Tyagi

Asst. Professor
B.Tech (CSE), M.Tech (CSE)
Areas of Interest : Data compression, Software Engineering, E Commerce, Data mining, AI, Cyber Security, Object Oriented techniques, Computer Architecture, Operating System, Computer networks.

Ms. Neelam Yadav

Asst. Professor
MCA, Pursuing M.Tech CS
Area of Interest : Algorithm Design, Data Structures, Software Engineering, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, C,C++, Java, Adv Java(Servlets, JSP, Struts and EJB) and .net Technology(C#.net and Asp.net), Web Technology(PHP, Html5 and CSS)

Mr. Jansurya Sharma

Associate Professor
Pursuing Ph.D. in Management, MBA (IB) from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
Area of Interest : Marketing, International Marketing, International Business, Strategic Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Environment & Customer Relationship Management.

Mr. Pankaj Dutta

Asst. Professor & Chief Mentor PGDM + BBA
MSc (Economics), UGC-NET (Economics), FDP (IIM Indore)
Areas of Interest : Economics, Statistics, Econometric and Operations Research

Mr. Gopal Singh

Asst. Professor
M.SC.(Maths), M.Phil.( Maths)
Areas of Interest : Applied Mathematics, Fuzzy Logic , Linear Algebra, Operations Research, Numerical Analysis, Et

Mr. Ankit Garg

Asst. Professor
B.Tech, MBA, M.Com
Areas of Interest : Marketing ,Advertising,  Operations, Finance, Management Accounting, Taxation

Ms. Meenu Sharma

Asst. Professor
B.Tech (CSE), M.Tech (CSE)
Areas of Interest : Data compression, Software Engineering, E-Commerce, Data mining, AI, Cyber Security, Object Oriented techniques, Computer Architecture, Operating System, Computer networks.

Ms. Priyanka Upadhyay

Asst. Professor
M.Tech, B.Tech
Areas of Interest : Cloud Computing, Agile testing, Wireless sensor networks.

Ms. Swati Tripathi

Asst. Professor
Ph. D. (Pers), MBA, MMC, BJMC, Diploma In French
Areas of Interest : Advertising, Social Media And Its Impact, Consumer Behaviour, Communication And Its Implications In Business, Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Competency Mapping.

Mr. Rahul Goel

Asst. Manager Training
Areas of Interest : Soft Skills & Communication Skills Training, Behavioural Training, Entrepreneurship Development.

Ms. Ekta Saraswat

Asst. Professor
B Com (H), MFC, MBA, Ph.D (Pursuing)
Areas of Interest : Financial Management, Investment Management, Management And Cost Accounting Management

Ms. Rekha Prasad

Asst. Professor
MBA, NET Qualified, Ph.D (Pursuing)
Areas of Interest : Marketing, Sales and Strategic Management

Ms. Shrutika Srivastav

Asst. Professor
Areas of Interest : Human Resource, HRIS, Performance Management

Ms. Rekha Gupta

Areas of Interest : Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, International Marketing

Ms. Iti Agarwal

Asst. Professor
Areas of Interest : Computer Architecture, Databases, Data Warehousing & Mining

Dr. Balraj Singh

B.Tech, MBA, Ph.D
Areas of Interest : Statistics, Marketing, Marketing Analysis

Ms. Radhika

Assistant Professor
B.S.C.(H) Chemistry, PGDM (Finance and HR)
Areas of Interest : Business Development, Financial Planning, Training,

Dr. Rakesh Chawla

Associate Professor
BCom, MCom, Ph.D(Finance)
Areas of Interest : Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Cost Management

Ms. Vineeta Sharma

BA, MA(English)
Areas of Interest : Soft Skills & Personality Development

Ms Shobha Tripathi

Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest : Sales, Marketing, Business Ethics, Business Environment

Amit Srivastav

Asst. Professor
BBM, PGDM, MMM(Master in Marketing Management), NCFM, Technical Analysis, Diploma in EXIM
Areas of Interest : Sales, Marketing


Prof. SK Gupta

16 years of industry experience
Areas of interest : Capital Markets

Prof. Jatin Arora

B.Com, Diploma in French language
10 Years experience in WIPRO an HCL
Areas of Interest : French language

Prof. S S Sharma

An Independent consultant having 25 years of experience
Areas of Inteest : Production and Operations management

Shreshthaa K Chopra

MBA Finance Marketing
A competent Trainer, with over 8 years of extensive Industry experience.
Areas of Interest : Derivaties, Capital Markets, Options Trading Strategies, Techanical Analysis and Financial Servises.

Vineet Jain

A competent Trainer, with over 12 years experience in Financial Services and teaching Finance Courses
Areas of Interest : Financial Services, Equity Research, Financial Modeling and Investment