Department of Management


  1. Report on Mock Session of the UN General Assembly a Team Orbit (IB Club):
    Orbit IB Club on the 9th of September 2012.

The Mock session addressed the cultural and economic business environment besides that of economic cooperation as a part of the activities of the United Nations. Twenty five member countries participated in the event with students representing the countries.The students representatives of the countries discussed with other member nations about the cultural aspects of business, the trade, export import their countries were  engaged in along with the problems they faced in their international business.The students vied with each other to outshine in their performances. The research work done by the students on the countries they represented was well appreciated and evoked praise of the judges and the audience alike. The representatives were fully aware of the time constraints and managed their speech timing well.

The event has become a learning platform for the students about international business, trade related issues so essential in today’s business context in India as no country can remain isolated with market economy forging ahead in the world. No Indian company can neglect international business except perhaps the betel seller round the corner as companies are exporting, importing, getting finance and people from the international arena or sending finance, people out of the country. The mock session gave ample proof of the phenomenon as it also made the students realize the importance of international business.

The session, besides the learning it gave, was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants.

The chief guest and judge Miss Devika Bahadur- from London school of Economics, presently working in an MNC in Gurgaon was full of praise of the performance of participants and the ambience of INMANTEC.

The prizes were distributed with the US Team winning the first, Kenya the second and Germany the third prize. Vote of thanks was given by Professor UC Mathur who was the chief architect of the event and it could not have seen light of the day without his enduring effort, along with the efforts of Dr. Rajeshwar Nath, and the Team Orbit members.