Life@ Campus

In order to promote all round development of the students, the institute has laid stress on recreational and entertainment facilities. In line with this leisure planning, the campus has adequately set indoor/outdoor sports and games facilities.

The cultural committee, a student body prepares a cultural activity calendar, with active help from the faculty in-charge. The highlight of the calendar is the inter-institutional festival which embraces a contemporary topic of interest as its theme and is built around a plethora of management games, marketing quizzes, contests, and sports events.

There is a whole array of clubs, societies and forums involving all students in various activities according to their memberships. These are:

  • Markazien (Marketing Club)
  • Kutumb (HR Club)
  • Bytes (IT Club)
  • Kash (Finance Club)
  • Kautilaya (Economics Club)
  • Hostel & Mess Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Seminars, Journals & Publications Committee
  • On-line Newsletter Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Personal Contact and Development Forum (PCDF)
  • Social Forum
  • Outward Bounding Learning (OBL) Society
  • Cultural Society

The institute operates ‘Activity-for-all’ policy to encourage each student to get engaged with as many activities as may interest them.

The frequent seminars and workshops on various themes at national level and the annual international conferences hosted by the institute regularly provide ample scope for value addition in each individual’s profile.

Graduates of the institute automatically become members of our active alumni network, dedicated to the promotion of lifelong learning and continuing relationship with the institute.