Program Content

B.Ed I Year
I E-101 CC1 Contemporary India and Education
II E-102 CC2 Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives of Education
III E-103 CC3 Growing up as a Learner
IV E-104 CC4 Teacher, Teaching and Technology
V & VI Pedagogy Courses (PC 1 & PC 2)
(Any two school subjects to be studied as Pedagogy Course)
E-201 Pedagogy of Hindi
E-202 Pedagogy of English
E-203 Pedagogy of Sanskrit
E-204 Pedagogy of Social Sciences
E-205 Pedagogy of Mathmatics
E-206 Pedagogy of Physical Science
E-207 Pedagogy of Biological Sciences
E-208 Pedagogy of Computer Science
E-209 Pedagogy of Home Science
E-210 Pedagogy of commerce
VIII E-702 Viva- Voce Examination based on
EPC 1 Strengthening Language Proficiency
EPC 2 Art and Aesthetics
EPC 3 Reading and Reflecting on Texts
Tasks and Assignments on CC 1-4
School Activities Based Practicum
VII E-701 PC5: Preparation to Function as a Teacher
B.Ed II Year
IX E-301 CC 5 Creating an Inclusive School
X E-302 CC 6 Gender, School and Society
XI E-303 CC 7 Knowledge, Language and Curriculum
XII E-401 PC 3 Assessment for Learning
XIII PC 4 Optional Courses–Any one of the following
E-501 Educational Administration and Management
E-502 Guidance and Counselling
E-503 Environment Education
E-504 Computer Education
E-505 Health, Physical Education and Yog
E-506 Life Style Management
E-207 Pedagogy of Biological Sciences
XV E-704 Viva- Voce Examination based on
EPC 4 Understanding of ICT
EPC 5 Scouting and Guiding
EPC 6 Working with Community
Task and Assignments on CC 5-7 & PC
School Activities Based Practicum
XIV E-703 PC6: School Internship